24 March 2016

3 March 2016

KS1 Computing

Last week in computing the children focused their learning on binary questions. This is where you answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question and then your answer will lead you to another question. We picked an insect, then answered some questions to see if we could get the right answer!

25 February 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016

During the week of 8th February, every class in school spent some time focusing on this year's Safer Internet Day theme, 'Play your part for a better Internet'. Here are some of the posters the children made.

4 February 2016

Road Safety websites

This half term in PSHE, the theme has been road safety. The children have been using the Think! Education website to help them with their learning.

Green Cross Code

Road Safety Games

11 December 2015

Spanish Learning

Key Stage 1 are learning numbers in Spanish. Here they are using '2Simple Spanish' on the computers and 'Learn Spanish Numbers' on the iPads.

We are using Guided Access on the iPads, which keeps the device (and children!) in a single app.

26 November 2015

KS1 Computing

In Computing, the children have been learning about photography and what a super photograph looks like. The children have been experimenting with taking artistic photographs using the iPads and editing them using a range of filters. Here are some of the photos the children have taken.  

19 November 2015

KS1 Computing: We are Photographers

Thank you to all parents and carers who have started to bring in photos that we can include in our calendars. This week we have been using Google images to search for ideas that we can use to take fancy photos! We have found glittery leaves and interesting things we can do with paint. We all can’t wait to make our calendars!

15 July 2015

Festival of Learning and Chromebooks

This Summer term, we have invested in 45 chromebooks for years 5/6 and have introduced Google Apps for Education to all children in years 3/4 and 5/6. This enables them to collaborate on their learning, access their learning in school and at home as well as be able to communicate with their peers and teachers using their school email account. Another perk of Google Apps for Education is the sites function, which is what a group of children used to create the below website on the Festival of Learning Day- check it out!

Click here to view the children's website!

30 April 2015

Digital Parenting Checklists

Click here for the Digital Parenting Website, which has lots of useful information and tips, including guidance to helps parents stay in control of the technology children are using.

This is not a definitive list but the website promotes them as a good starting point to enable parents and carers help their children enjoy using technology and to also stay safe in the digital world.